Scripts for task automation in Windows. Cool WSH features


Probably many people know, that Windows 98 and later includes Windows script host (WSH) by default, which allows to run VBScript and JScript code, but few ones used it at least once. In this article I am going to show you useful WSH snippets and script examples and convince you that this feature is really worthwhile. I will also tell you about very useful and cool WSH features, which are almost unknown, and therefore it is not easy to find information about them on the Internet.

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Earlier this year several people have found a “vulnerability” in PDF format, which allows arbitrary code execution on file open. Two types of the vulnerability were published: with JavaScript usage and without.
After fluent studying of a format and specifics of this problem the program for executables injection into pdf files has been developed. Certainly, there will be a warning at pdf file opening, however, there is a possibility to display any text in the warning window (actual for Acrobat Reader 9.*).

Program features:
[+] Custom warning text
[+] Custom temporary vbs name (used for exe file creation)
[+] Custom temporary exe name
[+] Exe deletion after specified delay

The program interface is extremely simple and looks like this:

Download: Exe2Pdf (password: