Earlier this year several people have found a “vulnerability” in PDF format, which allows arbitrary code execution on file open. Two types of the vulnerability were published: with JavaScript usage and without.
After fluent studying of a format and specifics of this problem the program for executables injection into pdf files has been developed. Certainly, there will be a warning at pdf file opening, however, there is a possibility to display any text in the warning window (actual for Acrobat Reader 9.*).

Program features:
[+] Custom warning text
[+] Custom temporary vbs name (used for exe file creation)
[+] Custom temporary exe name
[+] Exe deletion after specified delay

The program interface is extremely simple and looks like this:

Download: Exe2Pdf (password: coder.pub)

SSH Tool

This is a simple SSH bruteforce script, also it can be used for batch command execution on multiple computers.
Basically this script loops through the list of IPs specified in iplist.txt, then uses all possible combinations of authorization credentials (from users.txt and passw.txt) and tries to login. If authorization is successful, the script executes a shell command specified in the $cmd variable, grabs the output and stores it in the res.txt file.

Also, the Net::SSH::Perl module must be installed. If you have troubles with installation of this module, then try to install one of the following modules first:

Script: download.